Bermuda Grass 

Celebration Bermuda

Was developed in Australia as a multi-purpose grass. It is ideal for central and southern regions of the United States. Celebration has a dark blue-green color, fine texture, and is cold and drought tolerant. It has lower maintenance requirements and is adaptable to a wide range of soil and light conditions. Celebration has more shade and drought tolerance than Tifway 419 Bermuda. This variety grows slower vertically, which means less mowing.

Discovery Bermuda

A new variety of Bermuda grass developed in Europe and selected in the United States. Discovery can be used in any landscape application that would benefit from the natural drought tolerance of a Bermuda grass but with the added benefits:
75% less mowing!!!!! This also allows for very little thatch Few to no unsightly seed headsRapid lateral growth which creates a highly dense sod and rapid recovery from damage

Latitude 36

(OKC 1119) was developed by renowned Oklahoma State University and is a top quality rated NTEP bermudagrass. It shows resistance to spring dead spot and is one of the most cold hardy bermudas on the market. Latitude 36 offers high traffic tolerance and exceptional visual appeal. It has excellent tensile strength and is finer textured than NorthBridge Bermuda. Latitude 36 is an ideal choice for southern and transitional zone applications including sports, golf, and homes.